Our Story

Piri Piri Flaming Grill was founded 18 years ago and it is one of the brands that BR Munns International Co Ltd develops and manages.  Mr. Bradley Ryan Munns who is the Founder & CEO started Piri Piri Flaming Grill in 2000 and currently more than 5 restaurants serving authentic Mediterranean style cuisine both in Bangkok and southern Thailand.

We have a dream to bring our unique taste of grilled, hot and spicy chicken to the global stage. With Piri Piri Flaming Grill franchise opportunity, that dream is a step closer.

Piri Piri Flaming Grill was conceptualized to serve the more discerning segment of customers who are looking for the finer taste in life. This is in line with our mission to serve Mediterranean style food that is healthy and tasty.

We grind our own spices from scratch and no artificial taste enhancer nor trans-fat in our food. We believe in serving our valued customers a really wholesome good food that is rich in natural spices and fresh ingredients.

Cuisine wise, Piri Piri Flaming Grill provides customers with three unique sauces to choose from, namely Sweet Chilli, Hot Piri Piri, Extra Hot Piri Piri and Thai Salsa. When our customers come to eat at our restaurants, they will be treated to a friendly welcome by our staff and immediately find themselves in an atmosphere that is fun yet casual and rustic.

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