Our Food

Marinated chicken – glazed, grilled and served piping hot, alongside chipped potatoes, a generous garnish, and a dollop of spicy sauce.

If this sounds like your idea of the perfect lunch and dinner in Bangkok & Pattaya, you’re in for a treat at Piri Piri Flaming Grill.

Taking a hands-on approach to cooking

Piri Piri chicken lies at the heart of the restaurant’s menu, which offers five delicious options:
Piri Piri Lemon and Herb, Thai Salsa, Portuguese SpicedMoroccan Spiced and Sweet Chilli Chicken.

But there’s more than just Portuguese-style chicken to whet your appetite here. Rather than just being a top chicken restaurant in Bangkok, we’ve gone a lot further to bring you a variety of fish and meats and at great prices. This is Bangkok cuisine at its heartiest. 


Our burgers consist of premium meats and are hand-made in our kitchens then flame-grilled to your preference. We ensure tastes remain the very best – think 120g of pure beef grilled to perfection.

Piri Piri Asia Pasta

Salads & Pasta

There are share worthy salads (think Caesar, Mixed, Mediterranean); flavorsome pasta dishes like the Pasta sugo Di Olive and Chilli tossed with olive oil and pesto, seafood specials like the Piri Piri Prawns, and hunger-busting sandwiches such as the Spicy Chicken.

Mediterranean Espetadas

Feast on 300g of Mediterranean Espetadas, served with perfectly made French fries or salad. Generous to the core and packed with flavor, our Espetadas are the only ones in the Bangkok grill scene.

Chicken espetada